Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Truly touched

A few weeks ago I completed a custom order for a gorgeous customer.

It wasn't a complicated piece, but I think it came out really elegant.
It was a double sided charm so I got to use 2mm sterling sheet, which I love because it's so thick & chunky!

Once I packaged it up & sent it off I emailed my client to let her know it was on it's way.
She replied to my email with the story of what this piece represents & a little information on its meaning to her.

Every day since, I have thought about that piece.

It may have been rather simplistic in design.
It may have not have taken me days or weeks to make like some pieces do.
But that charm now sits as one of my biggest accomplishments.

Thank you to all that have let me share a little in their lives & to allow me to make a special keepsake for their memories.

x Narelle

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ZippyZippy said...

Thats beautiful!