Sunday, 13 September 2009


I have a store on Etsy!

Okay, well I opened a store on Etsy back in August 2007 but I have only just got around to listing a few items.

I guess I just felt that I'd get lost amongst all the other beautiful items for sale, especially in the jewellery section.

Then I thought 'what the hey' may as well give it a go and already I've been quite surprised.
I've had a few looks & someone has even hearted an item.

I have so many photographs to take of new items I need to get listed in all three of my stores but there is never enough time left in the day.
Fingers crossed tonight I'll get a couple of hours to take some pics before I have to go off to work.

Which is something I really need to think about. Night shift just doesn't seen to be working for me anymore, it's making me so tired I have no energy left for the day to be creative.

Okay, away goes the violin, enough of the sob stories. I'm off to finish a couple of orders.

x Narelle

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