Saturday, 6 March 2010

I'm in chains...

...and loving it!

My most favourite thing to make would probably have to be chains.
Although they are rather time consuming & tedious - making all the links, joining them all together, soldering them all closed, filing each link etc,
the whole process tends to have a relaxing methodical effect on me.

I admit, I do get a little anxious when I'm making a custom order for something I haven't made before, it is a little nerve wracking. But once the piece is finished I am so pleased with the results, no matter how complex the design.

But there's something I find so comforting with making chains.
Nothing beats pulling a freshly polished chain out from my tumbler.

Even if it's the most simplest type, once all the solder joins are filed, all the links pre-polished & tumbled, they always come out so shiny & fabulous looking.

I love making chains!

x Narelle


littlecherryhill said...

Now that's something I am yet to try.....hmmm...maybe soon.....

Anonymous said...

Wow ... love it when you find something you love that relaxes you. I get the same feeling when I take a photo that surprises me. Drawing I have a lot more anxiety with, I think it's because if I make a mistake that's it, where photography is more flexible. Enjoy making chains :) ♥

Halle Jay said...

Since spending more time with my jewellery and less at the sewing machine, I don't think I seem quite as "stressed" out....yes Narelle I find it very rewarding and relaxing errr "therapeutic" could you call it!! least I'm not stuck to my sewing chair!!

littlecherryhill said...

Hiya Narelle, I have passed on the 'circle of friends' blog award. You can find it in my latest blog post if you wish to participate :) Thanks.