Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Circle of friends

I received the lovely 'circle of friends' award from the gorgeous Emma of Little Cherry Hill.
With this award I have been asked to share 5 things that I love & then pass on this award to 5 other fellow bloggers.

Here goes:

1) My Husband: For all his love & support. I honestly don't know where I'd be without him.

2) My Parents: They are THE best!

3) Animals: I love animals, every single one of them. (Hence being a vegetarian!)

4) Chocolate: Probably everyone writes this one down! But seriously I am such an avid chocoholic you would truly be disgusted by the amount I eat every day!

5) Travelling: Since meeting my husband I have been fortunate enough to travel overseas at least once a year. So very, very spoilt!

Okay, now the hard part of only picking 5 of the lovely & talented Blog friends I follow.

* Mel Paton
Michelle's art & photography
Kellie Christie
Halle Jay

Off to let them all know!

x Narelle


littlecherryhill said...

lol @ #4, I think most women would place this is their top 5 loves like we did. I would totally go to Chocoholics Anonymous meetings if there were such a thing! I so need help for my sweet tooth!

Halle Jay said...

aww thanks Narelle
That's so sweet :)
Are we allowed to pass it back to ppl who've sent it to us

Narelle said...

Emma - I know seriously, what would women do without chocolate?!!

Vicki - Absolutely! You can send it to any blog friend you like.

Halle Jay said...

Thanks Narelle....FINALLY I've done mine on my blog!!