Monday, 22 February 2010

To market, to market...

Yesterday was my first market back for the year.

Everything went well & my neighbour stall holders were ladies I hadn't met before, so we spent our down time chatting away over coffee.

I got some really great response to my new lines that I was trialing out, so I will be adding those to my stores - as soon as I get the chance to photograph, edit photo's, write listings & upload them!

The photo above is of the bunting/banner my brother & his wife gave me for a Christmas present & I got to use it for the first time yesterday.
(Please excuse the creased table cloths, I forgot to iron them!)
I think it looks great & matches my colour theme so well.

They ordered it from
All Made By Me if you are interested in ordering one for yourself.
In fact there are a lot of fabulous makers of bunting on Made-it - one maker I really like is
so head on over & check them out.

x Narelle


littlecherryhill said...

Your banner looks great! Hope you did well at the market! Have u ever been to the Finders Markets? I know they have them in Melb and Brisbane...I hope to go to the next one to check it out! I'm looking forward to it :)

Halle Jay said...

wow Narelle that looks great. How did it go?

I have Mathilda's Market in Adelaide on the 6th I've been busy, busy, busy getting gear organised....AND I think I'm getting a little nervous (and excited)!!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Mel said...

Love your banner Narelle, looks great!