Saturday, 14 November 2009

Process of a resin ring

One thing I really do enjoy when reading a Blog is being taken behind the scenes with photo's.

I love seeing pictures of people's benches, studios, work areas etc, and just as much as I love seeing the finished pieces they've created in these areas, I love seeing the process of them being created.

So I thought, since my Blog is named 'At the Bench with Narelle' that's exactly what I'll do, I'll take you to my bench!

The above image is some of the steps in making one of my heartbeat resin rings.
1. Measuring up the ring shank so when it's soldered & hammered it will be the correct size.
2. Soldering the ring shank closed.
3. Hand forming the little hearts from bezel wire.
4. Soldering the heart bezel to flat sheet.
5. Polishing the ring.
6. Letting the resin cure.

There are a few more steps in between these, but I thought I'd just share some of them.
Plus is kinda takes twice as long to make something when you're stopping to take photo's!

Hope you enjoyed the process, I will definitely be posting some more.

x Narelle


ilovestitches said...

WOWZER... that's really interesting! Thanks for sharing! It's so nice to see how things are made! xox

Cath from chunkychooky said...

I am tellin' ya one day I am going to learn how to jewel!

Halle Jay said...

LOVE your work Narelle. You are so talented...very tempted to get a couple of rings for my girls for Christmas. I've seen them on your Madeit you do blue resin and purple resin?

Narelle said...

*Thanks Raewyn.

*One day Cath, I'm going to learn how to sew. (Kinda embarrassing as my mum's an amazing seamstress!)

*Thanks Vicki.
Yes, I can do them in any colour, solid or transparent and in any shape too.

Caryn said...

Far out that's a really involved process. Its surprising to see what goes into making something. Thanks for sharing.

Halle Jay said...

Thanks Narelle...only just realised that you got back to me. I've sent you an email through Madeit!!