Thursday, 19 November 2009

Going Green!

Over the past months I have been changing little things in my studio to make my practices Greener, not only for the Earth, but for my health as well.

* I finally found a non-toxic "pickle" (cute name given to a bath of acid to clean metal in!) so it's not harmful to breathe & can be diluted & safely disposed down the drain or on the garden.

* I found a "flux" (used to keep areas of the metal clean when soldering) that is non-toxic, not harmful to breathe whilst heated & is 100% bio-degradable.

* I no longer use rolls of paper towel to wipe pieces or my hands with, I use cotton towels & then wash these towels with my shower water.

* I bring home bubble-wrap & packing sheets etc, from work & re-use it in my packaging.

* And just recently I received an email from my metal manufacturer's stating that they now 100% recycle all of their metal! - Yay!
This is fantastic news, one less company mining our Earth!

If you are looking for a metal supplier I highly recommend A&E Metal Merchants.
You can also send your scrap to them to receive either store credit or a cheque.

Every little bit counts!

x Narelle

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billy boy & mia said...

this is great! I am slowly trying to green up my studio and use recycled packaging etc. You're right - every little bit does count :)