Monday, 9 November 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Yay, I was awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award by Michelle who is a brilliant artist & photographer.
Thank you so much Michelle.
You can enjoy reading her Blog here.

There are 6 rules to keep this award growing:
1) Copy the award picture and post on your blog -
2) Thank the person who gave it to you and link to their blog - ✓
3) Write 7 things about yourself we don't know:
1. I was a professional dancer for 10 years.
2. I travel overseas every 18 months.
3. In high school I was infatuated with Corey Feldman. (Stand By Me, Lost Boys)
4. I work a part-time Night-shift job three nights a week.
5. I am a vegetarian.
6. I have a phobia of feet.
7. I am a control freak!
4) Choose 7 other bloggers to pass the award to - ✓
5) Link to those 7 other bloggers - ✓
Smooch Designs
6) Notify your 7 bloggers -

There, all done. The hard part was choosing only 7 great Blogs I read to give the award to!

x Narelle


ilovestitches said...

Thanks so much Narelle! x

Mel said...

Thanks Narelle, you're tops!

Caryn said...

Thanks Narelle

Anonymous said...
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