Monday, 19 January 2009

Out with the old....

...and in with the new!

Okay, so this post has nothing to do with jewellery or studio work, but it is the reason why I didn't get any work done over the week-end.
You see my wonderful husband took me out to the Mazda dealership to purchase the car that I had picked out. Yay!

So, the past few days I spent my time in this car, not necessarily driving it, just sitting in it, washing it, staring at it. Seriously, I cannot get this smile off my face.

I did get emotional however saying goodbye to my Toyota as we've spent the last 12 years together. But it was starting to show its age (20 years old) and was going to cost a fortune to get everything fixed that needed to be.

So it's off to the motor oil pastures for you Dear Camry, I'll miss you.

x Narelle

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