Monday, 2 August 2010

Crazy for Daisies!

Week 3: Daisies

Fine art print: Michelle's Art & Photography
Mineral eyeshadow: Frankie & Plum
Earrings: Alainn
Greeting card: Loopty Loop
Cushion cover: Robyn Lee

x Narelle


Sophia Koulbanis Artist / Designer said...

Hi Narelle

I am following your blog as well, thanks for stopping by. Had a look at your jewellery and its beautiful esp. the name bead necklace :)

Have a great weekend ♥

Anonymous said...

ahhh :) thanks for mentioning my white daisy print. Love your purple blog background.

robyn lee said...

Hi Narelle,

Thankyou so much for featuring my cover on your blog - I have been so busy with my new range of covers, barely had time to scratch myself - a pity we don't get paid by the hour hey! Anyway my daughter told me tonight and I was stoked...I am going to start doing madeit mondays on my blog - goodness only knows it needs some attention! by the way loving your bracelet with the oval links - simply divine.

Robyn Lee x

Narelle said...

Sophia: Thanks for stopping by, I'm glad I found your blog.

Michelle: You're so welcome. My new blog look was actually an accident, I couldn't change it back so just went with it! lol

Robyn Lee: You're welcome! Glad to hear you've been busy. I have my eye on your cat cushion covers!