Monday, 31 May 2010

J'adore Paris!

Okay, so I'm a little bit behind on my blog posts!
I have found it a little hard to get back into the swing of things as I'm feeling so rested & relaxed!
But, I do start back at my other job this week, so I'm sure that will take care of that!

When first arriving in Paris, we were completely lost & found it hard to communicate with people.
With the help of a kind gentleman we finally found our hotel. (2 suburbs from where we were) Our room was so teeny-tiny, I was starting to feel a little dubious.

After a good night sleep & a few hours translating common phrases on Google translate, our week in Paris was amazing.

The patisseries, the fresh salad baguettes, the people, the fashion,
the patisseries, the sites, the love in the air, the patisseries........
I would definitely go back for sure.

The highlight: I studied art history in tafe & college for 6 years & to finally be standing in front of the Lourve was a rather emotional experience for me.
Plus I got to meet Mona Lisa!

x Narelle


Mel Makes Pretty said...

Wow, Narelle, What an amazing time you had. One day I will get to Paris and meet Mona Lisa too, oh and eat at some lovely Patisseries.
I'm glad you got to enjoy wandering around the Lourve and see all the artworks as more than just studies.
I can't wait to hear more about your trip.

ChallenCharms said...

Sounds like a fantastic trip to me! I'm glad you had a good Parisian experience. Mine have never been too good but I do love the fashion and food.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics ... sounds like you had a lovely time in Paris. Sounds very different to when I went but I guess that's almost 20yrs ago now!! things have changed ;)

Halle Jay said...

oh I'm glad you enjoyed it.....btw did Mona Lisa Smile!! :)

Little Eve said...

Lovely to have you visit my blog!
Looks like you've been spreading your wings and having a great time. A long time ago i met went to the Louvre while backpacking around Europe, after living in London for a year. I do wish I could go back to Paris one day. For now i'll just have to settle for eating croissants and drinking coffee!