Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Enjoying London

After a looooooong, long flight my husband & I were so glad to touchdown in London.

We have spent the first week sight seeing all the great sights London has to offer & I have fallen in love with all the old weathered buildings.

It's not as expensive as I'd thought it would be here.
The food is so cheap, so we have been pigging out. Especially on all the different chocolate bars that we don't have in Australia!

When visiting Harrod's department store we were able to view the ring Dodi was going to give to Lady Dianna.
Whether or not it was an engagement ring is still uncertain, but let me say it is gorgeous!

I'm not usually into cluster set diamonds, but the centre rectangular diamond with the four triangular cut diamonds surrounding, are beautiful.

So we're finishing up here & are catching a train tomorrow afternoon to Paris.
Yay, it has always been a dream of mine to go to Paris. I can't wait.

Talk soon.
x Narelle

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Red Letter Studio said...

wow you are in Europe you lucky thing!! enjoy your well-earned break and take lots of pics!!

~ Samone x