Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Say 'No' to Palm oil!

I don't like to shove my political views onto people & I too do not like to see 'in your face' images of animal's in distress or pain, so I'm trying to do this as subtly as I possibly can!

Palm oil is in one in four food products that we buy.
Most of the global supply comes from Indonesia and Malaysia – the only place where orang-utans live.

It’s a tragic fact that every year an estimated 1,000 Orang-utans die because of palm oil..

You don't know if palm oil is in your food because it's not labelled properly which means you don't have the right to choose food products that won't destroy Orang-utan & Tiger habitat.

Please click on this link & sign the petition on the Zoo Victoria website.

Once palm oil is labelled, consumers can actually drive a market for proper certified sustainable palm oil because they can demand it of manufacturers.

Thank you for your help!
x Narelle


Anonymous said...

I feel the same with dolphin poaching. I'll never forget seeing it on A Current Affair, the dolphins were literally screaming I felt sick for days and so angry!!!

Mel said...

Hey Narelle,
I signed the petition. We should do all we can to help preserve animals under threat.

x Mel

P.S. You won my blog comp, email me your address and I'll post it to you! melpdesigns@gmail.com

Narelle said...

Thanks for the support ladies, I (and the animals!) appreciate it.

Mel - OMG!
That's the first thing I have ever won......ever!!!