Sunday, 18 April 2010

Crafty podcasts

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When I'm doing long hours in my studio I like to have something to listen to, something to keep me entertained.

The radio got too repetitive as did my limited cd stack.
I tried a small tv but got distracted & ended up watching whatever was on instead of working!
Audio books were great, but I was going through nearly one a day - very costly.

I have since found Podcasts put together by some crafty ladies & am loving them.
Nearly everyone has some form of mp3 these days, so for all of you crafting away alone in your studios here's a few Podcasts to download & listen to.

CraftSanity - Hosted by Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood

Craftcast - Hosted by Alison Lee

Craftypod - Hosted by Sister Diane

They interview an array of talented artist/crafters from all mediums, so there's something for everyone.
You can also subscribe to them in iTunes so they will be automatically downloaded for you!

Happy listening.

x Narelle


Jem said...

Totally irrelevent to your post...but your blog is looking very pretty....I like :)

Creative Wishes said...

Gresat idea. I sometimes like the quiet, sometimes the radio, sometimes a CD but now I am going to checkout some podcasts to listen too.

ZippyZippy said...

Great idea, thanks for sharing Narelle

Anonymous said...

Excellent I'll check it out, thanks :D great idea!!