Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Photo bracelet - process: part 2

5. Oxidising (blackening) the letters/numbers.

6. Letting the resin cure.

7. Putting the entire piece together.

8. Packaging the bracelet & getting it ready to send off.

These 8 pics are not all the steps to make this bracelet of course but just some of the main ones to show you some of the process that goes into making a piece like this.

x Narelle


Halle Jay said...

this is stunning Narelle....LOVE IT!!

robyn lee said...

Saw this on madeit - loved it! You will see my order soooon! great idea getting out there what is involved in handcrafting - I am sure there are many out there who just don't realise the hours we put in - toil of love...

Anonymous said...

Wow the final result is amazing so much work involved. It's great to show people how much work goes into it.