Sunday, 10 January 2010

Photo bracelet - process: part 1

This was a custom order that I had for Christmas.
The photo's are of some of the steps with making the bracelet.

1. Custom stamping the backs of bezels with names, dates etc.

2. Soldering the bezel walls & bases together.

3. Assembling the chain, ready to solder.

4. Bales attached to bezels & excess metal filed off. be continued!

x Narelle


Anonymous said...

Hi Narelle, thanks for visiting my blog :) Wow there's a lot of work that goes into a photo bracelet! Looking forward to seeing the next installment :) xo

ruby victoria printmaking said...

hm very interesting!,this is a great idea as people don't seem to understand how much work goes into what we do, it isn't unusual for someone come to me at markets and say to me who made these and where did the drawing come from lol and I have to explain to them that I did all the work and i show them the drawings and that they are not a computer printout of something I stole off the net or they look at my husband and automatically assume that he makes it all !! grrrr he just says nothing a points to me lol