Friday, 28 August 2009

New business cards

Yay, They arrived!

When I only have around 20 business cards left, instead of just ordering more, I design new ones.
Different sizes, different pictures, different layouts etc, I'm not sure why, I just do.

Maybe it's because I keep my brand colours and packaging all the same so this is a way of freshening up something.

Anyway, I was once given a business card by a fellow jeweller and her card was only 30mm x 30mm square. Instantly I loved it.
It was cute, could fit in any wallet/purse/pocket and really got your attention.

My last business cards were the average size, so for these ones I thought I'd go with something a little smaller.
They are approx. 25mm x 70mm and made from a really nice (sustainably sourced) cardstock.

I ordered a pack of 100 and have already handed out 30!

x Narelle


Mel said...

These look really great Narelle!

tully{kat} alley said...

they look great Narelle, and what a fabulous idea......
tullykat alley

Gillian said...

They look Fabby Narelle :)

I love moo cards!

Angela said...

Wow your business cards look fab and i love the cute little size!