Thursday, 6 August 2009

It's a sad day.

At approximately 1.30pm this afternoon,
sweet little Sam passed away.

Sam was expected to undergo surgery today to treat cysts as a result of urogenital chlamydiosis (a life-threatening disease that affects 50% of the koala population) however due to complications with the disease, the decision was taken to put Sam down before surgery to prevent her suffering too much pain.

Mr Tree, the firefighter who featured in the iconic image of Sam, giving her a drink of water, was distraught when told of the sad news.
"She meant so much - she highlighted the plight and vulnerability of Australian wildlife around the world.''

In a statement, Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter said they were grateful for all the support they have received and will continue to provide aid and comfort to distressed and injured wildlife.

Please help them to do so by donating here: Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter

God Bless you Sam.

x Narelle

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Mel said...

I was sad to find out Sam had died. It was such a touching image of the firefighter giving her drink in the midst of the burnt forest. Poor little guy :-(