Friday, 24 September 2010

Thank you!

On behalf of the animals I just wanted to say a HUGE 'thank you' to all that purchased a RSPCA cupcake charm from one of my stores, you helped support a wonderful cause.
A BIG thank you to Loretta - an extremely generous & kind soul. ❤

I doubled the amount I raised last year & am really quite chuffed!

So far Cupcake Day has raised over $171,000 for the RSPCA in Victoria - a great result for the 40,000 animals that will be cared for this year. Still hoping to hit the target of $300,000!
Nationally $502,271 was raised! That's a lot of cupcakes!

If you missed out this year, the next Cupcake Day for the RSPCA will be held on Monday 15 August, 2011.
Until then you could always join in on "Happy tails day" by simply purchasing merchandise from the exclusive Happy Tails Day range in September and October here!

Hug your pets for me!
x Narelle

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Sissy Sparrows said...

Looks like a great cause to support...will have to watch for next year.