Thursday, 8 October 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like....

...a handmade Christmas!

For all of those crafty little fingers out there, now is the time to start whittling away at your handmade Christmas goodies to do lists.

I rarely go shopping in department stores, so when I had to pick something up from one the other day I was rather shocked at the amount of Christmas stock on the shelves already.
I have been working in retail now for 21 years, so I really should know the deal by now!

Only 78 days till Christmas people..........yipes!

How about buying all your gifts handmade?
Sound good? Well, it's easy too.

Here's a handmade gift guide full of wonderful items from all the talented crafters/artists over on Madeit, updated regularly to give you some fabulous gift ideas.

Better get back to the bench.
Happy (online) shopping!

x Narelle


ChallenCharms said...

That looks interesting Narelle.

Gillian said...

Love your little Christmas tree ornaments Narelle, I spotted them in your shop this morning :)