Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Tuesday's tip - #1

In a world that is saturated with handmade jewellery, every day each jeweller attempts to make their ideas original and different from what's already out there on the market.
I believe when it comes to making your own jewellery it's not just the designs or construction of the work that's important, it's the small things.

Today there are so many mass produced findings available, eg: ear wires, toggles, jump rings, which do in fact help save a bit of time and thereby making the cost for items a little cheaper to construct.
However from my experience as a buyer, when these items are hand fabricated, it's what really makes the difference. I like the thought that the maker has spent a little extra time on my piece and has paid close attention to detail.

It helps give the item a personal touch, even if no-one else can tell the difference between handmade or shop purchased jump rings.
Sometimes you'll be surprised at how little extra effort it takes and yet adds so much more. By designing and making your own clasps, ear wires etc, it can also offer your work a more distinctive signature.

x Narelle

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